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BLood drive

We will have a Mobile Blood Drive set up on campus! GIving blood is simple thing to do, but it can make a big difference in the lives of others. Sign up now to donate!  

Child Dedications

If you are interested in dedicating your child you can sign up here! By dedicating your child, you are committing, as Christian parents, to teach the truths of God's Word in your home and participate in regular worship with your children. You are also committing to
be a Christ-like example and seek to lead your children to a personal faith in Christ as soon as they are ready.

small group 

Cross Church is a church of small groups and it's
one of the biggest ways we do community around here!
We have groups available for anyone & everyone.  

small group Leader 

We believe God uses Small Groups to change people's lives, and as a Small Group Leader, you get to be a part of that! Sign up now to lead a group.